Q91SA ferrule ball valve

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Product Name: Q91SA ferrule ball valve

Product model: Q91SA

Connection mode: thread, compression ferrule

Structural features: ferrule type at both ends

Product material: stainless steel 304 / 316

Ferrule size: Ф6、Φ8、Ф10、Φ12、Ф14、Φ16、Ф18、Φ20、Ф22

Product pressure: ≤ 6.4 MPa

Operating temperature: ≤ 200 ℃

Medium used: water, oil, weak corrosive medium, etc

Handle color: Plastic Black

Product Description:

Q91sa ferrule ball valve is also called ferrule ball valve. Q91f ferrule ball valve is mainly composed of two nuts, circlips and round steel NC machining threads. The pressure range is 1.6Mpa ~ 6.4Mpa. The ball valve is mainly characterized by compact structure, reliable sealing, simple structure and convenient maintenance. The sealing surface and spherical surface are often closed, which is not easy to be eroded by media and easy to operate and maintain. The ball valve body can be integral or combined, which is suitable for general working media such as water, solvent, acid and natural gas, It is also suitable for media with poor working conditions, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene. It is widely used in thermal power plants, chemical fertilizer plants, coal washing plants, cement plants and other industries.

Structural drawing of Q91SA ferrule ball valve:


Material of Q91sa ferrule ball valve parts:

Part NameStainless steelCarbon steel
NutSS304  SS304L SS316  SS316L SS321 20#  A105
Dual card combinationSS304  SS304L SS316  SS316L SS32120#  A105
Valve bodySS304  SS304L SS316  SS316L SS32120#  A105
Valve seatPTFEPTFE
NutSS304  SS304L SS316  SS316L SS32120#  A105
ballSS304  SS304L SS316  SS316L SS32120#  A105
StemSS304  SS304L SS316  SS316L SS32120#  A105
Stem packingPTFEPTFE
Socket head cap screwsSS304  SS304L SS316  SS316L SS32120#  A105

Q91sa ferrule ball valve connection size: