Card sleeve ball valve applications and characteristics

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Card sleeve ball valves are mainly used for long-distance pipeline transportation of oil and natural gas and city gas pipeline systems. Due to its unique characteristics, the long-distance pipeline valve fully considers its ability to withstand pipeline stress, safety, weather resistance and long-term reliability. The sealing and structural design are unique to Jian Valve. It is suitable for long-distance pipelines and general industrial pipelines with a working temperature of 80~550℃. Its safety and resistance to harsh environments have been specially considered. It is suitable for water, oil, steam, gas, natural gas and other media.



1. It is used to open or cut off the flow path.

2. The ball valve has no adjustment capability. If the system needs to realize flow adjustment, it must be completed in series with the adjustment valve.

3. The working pressure of the two-way ball valve can reach 20.6MPa.

4. The standard form of the two-way ball valve is a horizontal valve, and an angle valve can also be used.

5. When using oxygen as the medium, degreasing treatment is required.

6. Panel installation is possible.

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